Zipwhaa Game’s Story

Zipwhaa was founded in 2000 by Dave and Tamara Cook and Don Moffett.  Our first game was Management Material – General Office, released in 2002.  That game was nominated for an Origin’s Award but sadly was beaten out by Chez Geek 2.  After that we released our sequel of Management Material – Information Technology in 2003.  Then we decided to change it up just a bit and created Marriage Material in 2004.  Al three games worked on the same basic mechanic.  The Management Material series have the sad backings and can be added to each other to play more people.  You could technically play all three games together, but you’d just know the difference between the Management Material and Marriage Material games due to different backings.

After we released Marriage Material, the company took a ten-year hiatus to focus on what we had already printed.  But in 2014 we re-emerged with Heebie Jeebies.  This was a new direction for us into the social party game world and was received well by our fans.

Today Zipwhaa is run by Dave and Tamara Cook and our Husky mascot Freja.  The company’s focus has been to continue to promote the four games that we have produced and continue to design new games in the event that producing them becomes an option.

As a small company we have always recognized the challenges that new companies will have and tried to help them avoid some of the missteps that we made in our journey so far.

We look forward to sharing our insight and story with anyone that would be interested in hearing it.