MS Card Games Info

Magic the Gathering Paupers Tournament

Entry Fee: $5
Time: Sunday 11 a.m. Registration, 12 p.m. start
Format:  3 random pre-constructed decks to choose from will be provided. 
Additional random deck draws can be purchased for 1 dollar each. Prizes will be provided to top placing competitors.

MTG 2-Pack per Win Booster Draft Magic the Gathering

Entry Fee: $14.00
Registration Time: Saturday 5:00pm-6:00pm
Start Time: Saturday 6:00pm
Format: Amonkhet Booster Draft Swiss Style Pairings best of 3 Matches

Prizes: Every match you win you will receive 2 booster packs! Win one match? You get 2 packs! Win three matches? You get 6 packs. We are playing 3 rounds regardless of attendance. All registered players will receive an MTG Promo for playing, and some special prizes will be handed out in honor of Meeplestock! You definitely want to attend!

MTG Modern Constructed Tournament

Entry Fee: $15.00
Registration Time: Saturday 12:00pm-1:00pm
Start Time: Saturday 1:00pm
Format: Modern Constructed Swiss Paired Rounds best of 3 Matches
Prizes: All entries will receive an MTG Promo for playing, and special prizes will given out in honor of Meeplestock. Payouts will be based on number of entries. A small per player fee will be kept to pay for the person running the event, but then the rest will be paid out in product, store credit, etc. This event will be a good one!

Pokemon Standard Constructed

Entry Fee: $8.00
Date: Sunday June 18th
Time: Registration 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Start 1st Rd: 1:00 pm
Format: Standard Swiss Paired Constructed

You bring your 60 card constructed deck with you and we BATTLE! Matches are best of 3, and pairings will be done swiss style. Number of rounds will be determined by number of players. ALL entries will receive an Official Pokemon Promo and a Booster Pack for playing and prizes will get bigger with each player that joins. Special prizes will be handed out in honor of Meeplestock! You don’t want to miss this!