Now that Meeplestock 2016 is successfully behind us, we are now looking into expanding the event for next year. For our first convention, we consider it a huge success but at the same time learned a lot of lessons for what would make the event that much more fun!

The first change will be the venue. While we loved the facilities at Memories Banquet Hall, we expect to outgrow the facilities there. The Holiday Inn can handle close to a thousand people and is situated right off the highway. The cost is much higher so the entrance fee will probably double to $10 for the day. We will try to offset this with some extra activities and even more prizes.

One of the lessons we learned in a good way is that scheduling gaming events isn’t as easy as it sounds. Nearly everyone in attendance stayed occupied playing games. That is a fantastic problem to have to work around. The solution to this is to have all day gaming events that are opt in as tables are available. What exactly does that mean? In short, it means that there will be a few games set up for tournaments. Games, players and scores are recorded during the day and the results will be posted and prizes awarded. This allows players to jump in on a tournament as their gaming schedule permits.

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