Gamers Who Care

Who we are:

We are a group of community residents who love to combine our hobby of tabletop gaming with our passion of helping our community. Through this we have formed the organization called Gamers Who Care Ltd. We have received 501c3 non-profit status in 2017.

What we do:

We host events throughout the year that use tabletop gaming (board games, card games, RPG’s, etc) to help build stronger interpersonal relationships, develop deeper cognitive skills, teach problem solving techniques, improve memory formation, and stave off mental disease. Event’s range from the large Meeplestock convention to small teaching events. This year, we have begun the first annual Frozen Meeple Mini Con for heavy gamers and also will continue with other events like Couples Date & Game night. We try to seize any opportunity to spread the hobby so that we can provide charitable donations.

Events we do:

Our flagship event and main fundraiser, Meeplestock is an annual gaming conference where board game enthusiasts and community members can come together and share our love of the hobby.

Frozen Meeple
Frozen Meeple is a 3-day mini-con of heavy gamers held in Feb. We gather informally to get those bigger games on the table. Although we welcome anyone within the attendance max, we recommend you are used to playing long, heavy games.

Couples Date & Game Night
Grab your significant other, buddy, family member or if you want, a random person, for a fun filled night of dinner and a light, 2 player game. The price of admission covers the cost of the game which includes being taught while dinner is dependent upon where the event will be held.