Frozen Meeple Event – Feb 16,17,18 (BUY A TICKET)

This event has ended.

Frozen Meeple is a small, 3 day event Feb 16-18 from 10am to 10pm focusing on heavier/harder games.  The cost is $20 for the weekend. Soda, water & coffee will  provided. Saturday night soup will be provided, but we encourage  you to bring your own snacks. Please message us if you are requesting a game  to play that you do not own, otherwise, just fill your car with games you want to play and we will all share.

Most of the games will be medium to heavy games that can range from 1 hour of play time up to 9 hours of play (yes, that HAS happened!). There will not be dedicated teachers, but most of the games played will have a few people at the table who know the game well.

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