Board Game Silent Auction

Meeplestock Silent Games Auction

Unload your unwanted games for cash! Find a new favorite game or pick up an out of print gem.

    • The auction will run Saturday, March 23rd from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.
    • Sellers will be identified by their badge number instead of name for anonymity.
    • Sellers are encouraged to sell bundled lots instead of individual items. This will make the auction go more smoothly for everyone involved. As such, there will be a nominal $1 fee charged per lot (not per item).
    • Bidding will be done in whole dollar increments.
    • The auction will close at 6:00 pm, buyers must be present at this time. Staff will evaluate and process all lots. Buyers can pay for their winning bids once all lots have been processed.
    • Payment will be cash only (no checks).
    • All lots must be paid before sellers will be paid out. If winning bidders do not pay promptly, remaining lots will be offered to second place bidders.
    • Only tabletop games and RPG books will be accepted into the auction this year. Dependent on feedback we may consider expanding to more categories in the future.
  • Sellers may choose to donate a percentage of their proceeds to Meeplestock and Gamers Who Care. This is not required.